Regional Immigration Initiative The AIPP program represents a collaborative effort between Canada and the Atlantic provinces.

Labor Market Needs The AIPP brings skilled workers and graduates to the Atlantic provinces to address labour market shortages and demographic challenges.

Atlantic provincial program has three categories: – Atlantic High Skilled Program, – Atlantic Intermediate Skilled Program, – Atlantic International Graduate Program

Job Offer In order to qualify for AIPP, it is necessary to have a job offer from an employer located in one of the Atlantic provinces.

Work Experience Work experience related to the job offer may be required for candidates, with a minimum of one year, depending on the category.

Language Proficiency Fluency in English or French is required for application, proven through approved language tests like IELTS, CELPIP, or TEF.

Education The requirements for a job may differ depending on the position. Certain roles may necessitate particular education or credentials.

Settlement Plan Candidates must have a settlement plan that details their intention to live and work in the Atlantic area.

Endorsement To stay in the Atlantic province, candidates need an endorsement from a designated organization that confirms their eligibility and job offer.

Application Process Applicants for permanent residency in Canada can also get a work permit while their application is being reviewed.

Spousal and Dependents Permits for work or study are available to spouses and children who meet the eligibility requirements.