In the following slides, you will know complete information about AOR and its use in Canadian immigration.

In Canadian immigration, AOR unequivocally stands for "Acknowledgment of Receipt."

It is a Confirmation letter or email sent by IRCC to an applicant to inform them that their application has been received.

Receiving an AOR provides confirmation that the application has been received and will be processed.

The AOR typically includes a unique application number for tracking your application's progress and any future correspondence with IRCC.

The AOR often indicates that your application has been preliminary checked to ensure it includes all required forms and documents.

It may outline the subsequent steps in the application process, such as additional document requests or biometric instructions.

Receiving the AOR from IRCC depends on your application type and the processing time for your file.

The AOR for an Express Entry system is typically received within a few hours, while a paper-based application often takes several weeks.

AOR indicates that your application is in the processing queue but doesn't guarantee it's complete.

If IRCC finds that your application is missing important documents, they will contact you to request additional information or clarification.