Solar power installation:  It is a renewable energy trend by offering solar panel installations to reduce electricity costs and carbon footprint.

Eco-Friendly E-commerce:  create an online store selling environmentally conscious products, from reusable items to natural cosmetics.

Indoor Vertical Farming: Grow fresh produce year-round using vertical farming techniques, addressing local food sustainability.

Home Renovation with Green Materials: renovation services using eco-friendly materials to attract environmentally conscious homeowners.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: As Canada moves towards a greener transportation landscape, build a network of electric vehicle charging stations.

Health and wellness services: Establish wellness centres providing holistic health services, from yoga to natural therapies.

Remote Work Solutions: Develop platforms catering to remote work needs, including ergonomic furniture and productivity tools.

Eco-tourism experiences:  Create a nature-based tourism experience with folks through conversation and education.

Organic food delivery: launch a subscription-based service delivering fresh, organic produce to health-conscious customers.

Waste Management Innovations: Technology to manage and reduce waste, from recycling solutions to composting systems.

Green Construction Consulting: Offers expertise in sustainable building practices to construction films and individuals aiming for LEED certification.