On-campus jobs Universities and colleges offer on-campus jobs in libraries, administrative offices, or student centers.

Research Assistant Working as a research assistant with professors or research teams can be rewarding.

Tutoring or Teaching Assistant  Work as a tutor or teaching assistant, helping other students with their studies.

Retail and Customer Service Retail, restaurant, and customer service jobs offer valuable work experience and improve language and communication skills.

Internships and Co-Op Programs  To gain practical experience in their field of study by doing internships or co-op programs.

Camp Counsellor Working as a camp counsellor can be a fun and fulfilling job opportunity, especially if you enjoy working with children.

Babysitting or Pet Sitting  Babysitting or pet sitting can be flexible options that fit well with an international student's schedule.

Freelancing or Remote Work Consider freelancing or remote work if you have writing, graphic design, or web development skills.

Language Interpreter or Translator  Being multilingual can lead to job opportunities as an interpreter or translator.

Event Staff  Working at events, conferences, or concerts can be an exciting and flexible job option for international students.

Ride-Sharing or Food Delivery  Earn money and have flexibility by working for ride-sharing or food delivery services with a car or bicycle.