Book in Advance For the best airline deals, it's recommended to book international flights well in advance.

Avoid Peak Travel Seasons Book flights outside peak travel seasons to save money. Avoid booking during major holidays and school breaks.

Be Flexible with Travel Dates  To find affordable flights, search for flexible travel dates using fare comparison websites or flight search engines offering multiple date options.

Tuesday and Wednesday Departures Typically, flights scheduled for Tuesdays and Wednesdays come with lower price tags.

Clear Your Browser's Cookies/Use VPN Clearing your browser's cookies before searching for flights and using a VPN may help you find better deals.

Sign Up for Fare Alerts Sign up for fare alerts to save money on travel expenses. Get notified of the price drop for your desired destination.

Consider Connecting Flights Connecting or layover flights can be cheaper than direct flights but may take longer.

Use Reward Points or Miles Use your frequent flyer membership or reward points from your credit card to save money on international flights.

Avoid Last-Minute Bookings  Booking international flights at the last minute can be costly as airlines raise their prices closer to the departure date.

Use Multiple Search Engines  To find the best flight deals, it's recommended to use multiple search engines.

For international flights, start early, compare prices, and book when you find a reasonable fare. Prices can change quickly.