On May 23rd, Minister of Immigration Marc Miller announced the introduction of new Canadian citizenship by descent legislation.

Bill C-71, championed by Marc Miller, stands as a critical amendment to the Citizenship Act of 2024.

Bill C-71 will extend citizenship by descent beyond the first generation in an inclusive manner that upholds the value of Canadian citizenship.

Bill C-71 aims to restore citizenship to "lost Canadians" who could not become citizens or lost citizenship due to outdated legislative provisions.

The changes will address most lost Canadians and their descendants seeking to regain their citizenship due to the first-generation limit.

The new bill offers transparent procedures for obtaining Canadian citizenship through descent, ensuring fairness for all eligible individuals.

Once approved by parliament, the first-generation limit will no longer be valid, and individuals will have to show a connection to the country.

This bill aims to grant Canadian citizenship to individuals born abroad to a Canadian parent who was also born abroad so they can show a connection to Canada.

As long as a Canadian parent has spent 3 years in Canada before the child's birth, they can pass down their citizenship to the child.

It would extend access to citizenship for children born overseas and adopted by Canadian parents beyond the first generation.

Children adopted by Canadian parents abroad before the legislation's start date can access citizenship, regardless of the first-generation limit.