Temporary Residence A US citizen can live in Canada as a temporary resident for up to 6 months without a Visitor visa.

Work permit  A US citizen with a work permit can stay up to 4 years with a work permit extension.

Study permit  US citizens can pursue education in Canada, but a study permit will only be valid after 90 days of completing the studies.

Visitor Visa  US citizens can visit and live in Canada as of the date stamped on their passports and extend the visit by reapplying for a visa.

Express Entry  US citizens may be eligible to immigrate to Canada permanently through the Express Entry system.

Permanent Residency US citizens can apply for permanent residence in Canada through the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Provincial Nominee Programs, or family sponsorship.

Dual Citizenship US citizens can maintain their US citizenship while becoming Canadian citizens. Canada allows dual citizenship.

Healthcare  Temporary residents may not be eligible for public healthcare coverage. They can explore private health insurance options.

Tax Obligations  US citizens earn in Canada and stay more than 183 days. They have to pay the taxes.

Driver's license  They can use their valid US driver's license for a limited period. They can drive between 60 and 90 days, depending on their province.

Cultural Integration US citizens participate in local community activities, engage with cultural organizations, and connect with other expatriates or newcomers to ease the transition.