Yes, international students in Canada can lease a car under certain conditions.

Eligibility Enrolled in an accredited program, including a 4-year university, nursing school, police or military school or Community College

Valid Driver's License International students must have a valid driver's license from their home country or an international driver's license to drive in Canada.

Study Permit Validity  It's important to ensure that the lease period aligns with the duration of your student visa.

Documentation Copy of student visa, Valid driver's license, Proof of enrollment at an accredited Canadian institution.

Proof of income Proof of full-time employment and income, proof of monthly income sufficient to cover current obligations, expenses, and vehicle payment.

Credit History No Adverse credit history is required, but some car dealers may ask for it.

Lease Term and Mileage Choose a lease term and mileage limit that align with your study period and anticipated driving needs.

Insurance Coverage Arrange auto insurance that meets the leasing company's requirements. Insurance costs may be higher for international students, so shop around for competitive rates.

Maintenance Responsibilities Understand your responsibilities for vehicle maintenance and repairs during the lease term.

Early Termination Be aware of the penalties and costs associated with early lease termination, as study plans may change unexpectedly.

Return Condition Familiarize yourself with the car's condition when returning it at the end of the lease term to avoid excess wear and tear charges.