Identify Your Business Type Determine the nature of your business, as different activities require specific permits and licenses.

Research Jurisdictional Requirements Research the regulations and requirements for your specific location, province or territory.

Business Name Registration Register your business name with the appropriate provincial or territorial authorities to ensure it's unique.

Choose Legal Structure Decide on your business structure, which can impact the permits and licenses you need.

Federal Permits Certain businesses require federal permits or licenses from agencies like Health Canada or the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Provincial/Territorial Permits Obtain necessary provincial or territorial permits based on the nature of your business.

Municipal Licenses Check with your local municipality for licenses related to zoning, signage, and other local regulations.

Industry-Specific Regulations Different industries may have unique requirements like construction, food, financial services, etc.

Health and Safety Compliance Ensure compliance with workplace health and safety regulations and risk-free environments.

Liquor and Tobacco Licensing If your business involves selling alcohol or tobacco, you'll need special licenses and permits from the appropriate authorities.

Renewals and Updates Remember that permits and licenses usually have expiration dates. Stay updated and renew them as necessary.