As per IRCC, Canada's immigration backlog again rose in previous months after the immigration department staff strike. 

The IRCC is making progress toward processing applications in a timely manner and clearing the backlog.

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser said the immigration staff strike disrupted the IRCC's application processing operations.

In April 2023, IRCC had an 809,000 immigration applications backlog, which included all category applications.

IRCC shared updates on June 16, 2023, regarding the backlog of applications, which has increased by 11000 compared to April.

In late June, IRCC reported that they had processed 64% of applications within the standard timeframe for May and 60% for April.

As per the latest update from IRCC on June 16, 2023, 64% of applications were processed within the service standards on May 31, 2023.

On the same day, IRCC stated their objective to process 80% of new applications within the established service standards.

According to IRCC, the backlog has increased due to the inclusion of application counts from the previous month.

As of May 31, Canada has welcomed 221,000 new permanent residents applicants, with a target of 465,000 by 2023.

IRCC promises to handle and process all kinds of immigration applications within the standard service time.