Firstly, ensure you meet health standards and don't have any elements that can be dangerous for other citizens.

In Canada, designated specific doctors, known as "panel physicians," are authorized to conduct the medical exams.

Visit the official website of Immigrants, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to access a list of approved panel physicians.

Take advantage of the Find a Doctor tool on the IRCC website to search for 'panel physicians' based on your location for your medical exam.

Choose a location near you in your home country or where you have been residing for the medical exam.

To schedule your immigration medical exam appointment, please get in touch with the selected panel physician's office.

Make sure you have all your valid identification documents, such as your passport and any necessary immigration documents, for the medical exam.

The panel physician will conduct a medical examination, including a physical check-up and your medical history review.

Sometimes, physicians may order tests and vaccinations as they are required according to your health conditions.

After the exam, the panel physician will provide you with a sealed envelope containing the results and other necessary documents or send them online.

After taking the result, you should submit the sealed envelope to IRCC as part of your immigration application.