The Canada Workers Benefit is a tax credit program designed to provide financial support to low-income workers in Canada. 

A basic amount and a disability supplement make up the two categories of the Canada Workers Benefit.

You are eligible for the CWB's introductory amount if you are at least 19 years old on December 31 of the tax year. 

To be considered a resident of Canada for tax purposes, you must have lived in the country for the entire year.

You may be eligible for the disability supplement if your net income is below the net income level set for your province/territory.

The maximum basic amount for the Canada Workers Benefit is $1,428 for single individuals & $2,461 for families.

The maximum amount of disability supplement is $737 and for single individuals and $737 for whole families.

The first step to claiming the CWB is to file your income tax and benefit return for the tax year using NETFILE or mail. 

Schedule 6 is used by individuals to calculate the Canada Workers Benefit as a a part of your federal tax return.

After Schedule 6 calculates your CWB amount, this will be entered on line 45300 of your federal tax return. 

To receive the advanced payments, the CRA must receive your income tax and benefit return before November 1 of the benefit period.