On May 23rd, immigration minister Marc Miller announced they are introducing new Canadian citizenship by descent legislation.

Marc Miller has introduced Bill C-71, aiming to implement crucial amendments to the Citizenship Act of 2024.

Bill C-71 will extend citizenship by descent beyond the first generation in an inclusive way that upholds the value of Canadian citizenship.

Bill C-71 aims to restore citizenship to "lost Canadians" who were previously unable to become citizens due to outdated legislative provisions.

These changes will help many lost Canadians and their descendants affected by the first-generation limit to reclaim their citizenship.

This bill also aims to establish unambiguous guidelines for obtaining Canadian citizenship through descent.

Once passed by parliament, the first-generation limit will no longer be valid & individuals will need to show a significant connection to the country.

This bill would grant Canadian citizenship to those born abroad to a Canadian parent who was also born abroad if the parents show a substantial connection to Canada.

A Canadian parent who has lived in Canada for at least 3 years before the birth of their child can pass down their citizenship to the child.

It would also extend access to a direct grant of citizenship to children born abroad and adopted by Canadian parents beyond the first generation.

Any child adopted abroad by a Canadian parent before the legislation's effective date can access citizenship, even if previously ineligible.