The Canadian Women's Foundation provides funds and support to emergency shelters for women who are experiencing domestic violence.

They also operate crisis helplines that provide distressed women immediate support, guidance, and resources.

The foundation offers traditional housing programs, helping women and their children rebuild their lives after leaving an abusive home.

They also provide counselling services, such as access to professional counselling, helping survivors deal with trauma and rebuild self-esteem.

Foundation offers legal assistance to help survivors navigate the complex legal system, obtain restraining orders, custody arrangements, and more.

Provide financial empowerment, financial support and training are provided to help women gain independence and stability.

The foundation also provides public education, Which raises awareness about domestic violence through campaigns, workshops, and community events.

They influence policies addressing domestic violence and ensure survivors are protected.

The foundation recognizes diverse needs and provides culturally sensitive services to address different communities' challenges. 

Special programs are designed to educate people about healthy relationships and prevent future violence.

The foundation conducts research to understand the issue better, identify trends, and advocate for evidence-based solutions.