Students can pay their fees in any currency using the secure CIBC international student pay portal online from anywhere in the world at any time

Three main principal benefits to make payments using CIBC international student online pay portal 1. Enhanced Student Experience

Your parents, your immigration agent, or you can use the CIBC international student pay portal platform and simply follow the on-screen instructions to pay in your chosen currency

Access to Live Foreign Exchange Rates Using the CIBC International Student Pay portal, you have access to the CIBC competitive foreign exchange rates

Because CIBC is a running global financial institution and dealer specializing in foreign exchange rates with over 100 years 

End-to-End Communication You will receive all complete instructions and a reference code to deliver to your local bank within 72 hours

Afterward, the bank will follow the instructions and send the funds to your college or university. Check payment status online, or you will receive an email when payment is complete

Follow four easy steps to send your tuition fees: Step 1: Log into CIBC international student pay secure online portal

S Step 2: When you successfully log into the portal, enter the tuition fees in Canadian dollars and identify the preferred country

Step 3: Enter some payer details - whether it is you, your parents, or an agent acting on your behalf

Step 4: Print the payment instructions and reference code and deliver them to your local bank within 72 hours

Your bank will follow the instructions and send the fees to your college and university funds. For more immigration update please check