Applicant must submit a processing fee to IRCC along with visa application

The processing fee is the same for all nationality or country of origin applicants

Applicants have to pay processing fees in Canadian dollar

Processing fees may only differ because of the visa type you apply

The visitor visa fee for a Single person is $100 Same for the super visa, single or multiple entries

The visitor visa fee per family ( 5 members or more) is $500

All family members must apply for single or multiple entries at the same time and place

$100 fee if a Single person wants to extend their stay as a visitor 

$200 fee if you want to restore your status as a visitor

Children must qualify as dependants if you are paying a $500 fee for a visitor visa

Additional $85 fee for biometric

Additional passport processing fee of $45, if you are a visitor from that country that don't qualify for express entry