An Eligible permanent resident can sponsor certain family members to come and live with them in Canada

A Canadian citizen can sponsor his spouse, conjugal partner, dependent child, parents and other relatives.

The sponsor must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or registered Indian under the Canadian Indian Act.

The sponsor must meet the minimum necessary income (MNI) requirement to support their family members.

Complete the IRCC sponsorship application forms and the sponsorship evaluation and understanding form to become a sponsor.

Your family members must submit their own application for permanent residence, providing supporting documents and paying fees.

Include all required paperwork, such as identification, proof of relationship, passports, police reports, and medical exams.

IRCC will review applications and send an acknowledgement of receipt letter with an application number RCC will review applications and send receipt.

Once the application is approved, your family members will receive confirmation of their permanent resident status and can move to Canada.

Show confirmation of permanent residence (COPR) to an IRCC officer, who will authorize you to enter Canada as a PR.

At last, a permanent resident card as proof of your status in Canada will be mailed to your Canadian address.