Women Entrepreneurship Strategy (WES) Grants  These grants financially support women entrepreneurs to expand their Ventures.

Innovation Grants  It's available for women entrepreneurs working on cutting-edge technologies, products, or services.

Exporting and Trade Grants These grants cover costs related to market research, export development, and participation in trade missions.

Start-up Funding  The government provides grants to help cover initial operational expenses, such as product development, marketing, etc.

Green Business Grants Provide grants to women entrepreneurs with eco-friendly business ideas or those looking to incorporate sustainable practices into their exciting Ventures.

Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs Grants Provide grants to those women who recognize their unique contributions to the economy.

Rural and Remote Business Grants The government offers grants to women entrepreneurs who operate businesses in rural and remote areas.

Research and Development Grants Entrepreneurial women who engage in research and development activities can access grants.

Training and Capacity-building Grants Grants are provided to women entrepreneurs for skills development and training programs.

Digital Transformation Grants Grants are available to help women entrepreneur upgrade their technological infrastructure and online presence.

Access to Capital Grants These grants provide financial resources to bridge the gender gap in assessing venture capital and traditional funding sources.

Specific eligibility criteria  Please check official government sources for the most up-to-date grants and eligibility criteria information.