The Canadian government, colleges, universities, and organizations offer free courses like training, skills, mentorship, or workshops to help new immigrants.

Bridging Programs The Canadian government, universities, and colleges offer training and support to obtain licenses, certificates or find employment in your chosen profession.

Employment Skills Training Help in: Job searching Improve communication skills Improve computer skills for job readiness Workshops and networking

Public Libraries  To find out about available courses and resources, you can visit your local library's website or give them a call.

Newcomer Settlement Program Help in: Find housing A job childcare service Access other programs

Employment Services Help in: Resources Guidance Workshops Employment services

Humber College Advising Service for Immigrants Guide you for your student and career goals.

Ontario's five programs Newcomer settlement program Ontario Bridge Training Learn English or French Global Experience Ontario

Alberta Training and employment services This program provides training to new immigrants in order to assist them in gaining employment in Alberta.

Language Classes The government of Canada provides free language classes for newcomers to Canada.

Ontario Work Training Program  help for employment or self-employment Ontario Works Life Stabilization Programs