Today, hunger is the main problem in the world. The good news is that many charitable organizations deliver free groceries or food to doorsteps.

Sai Dham Food Bank This is an independent food bank located in Ontario with a mission to ensure that no household goes without food.

Food Banks Canada An extensive network of food banks in Canada offers free food to those in need. In Canada, 1.4 million people visit food banks each year.

Second Harvest This organization is a supply chain to rescue extra food and provide it to needy people. No food waste and no hunger are the main objectives of this organization.

Community Food Centres Canada This organization believes that food is a fundamental right. That's why this organization provides good food to help communities.

Breakfast Club of Canada The goal of this organization is to have every student eat breakfast before school. It provides breakfast to 5,80,000 children throughout Canada every morning.

Salvation Army It's a Christian organization that provides food, clothes, toys and other needy things across Canada.

The government of Canada announced $100 million, and Indigenous Services Canada provided $30 million to support food security organizations.

In Canada, various national food rescue organizations are aiding in improving food accessibility for those facing food insecurity due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In Canada, many financial supporters, food donors, volunteers, and general supporters are helping these charitable organizations make the country a better place and greener.

You can also support these organizations by donating and volunteering with them. If you are interested, you can contact them from their official website.