Local Charities and Nonprofits  Charities and nonprofits offer furniture assistance programs for those in need, providing donated furniture at little to no cost.

Furniture Banks Some regions have furniture banks that provide gently used furniture to needy individuals or families, including newcomers.

Community Settlement Services Settlement agencies and community centers help newcomers get furniture for their settlement process.

Thrift Stores and Secondhand Shops One way to find budget-friendly furniture is by checking out thrift stores, secondhand shops, and consignment stores.

There are some online platforms in Canada that offer free furniture. – Kijiji, – Craigslist, – Facebook Marketplace

Buy Nothing Groups Consider joining local "Buy Nothing" or "Giveaway" groups on social media to give away items.

Refugee Support Organizations Organizations that provide support offer furniture programs specifically tailored to assist refugees in need.

Churches and Religious Institutions Certain religious institutions have assistance programs that offer furniture and other essential items to newcomers.

Local Community Events Consider attending community events, fairs, or donation drives where newcomers can receive free or discounted furniture.

Community Connections Reach out to new neighbours or community members for help, advice, or furniture donations.

Social Services If you need help with furniture, consider getting in touch with your local social services or government agencies.