Local Charities and Nonprofits Canadian charities and nonprofits donate furniture and household essentials to newcomers, including mattresses.

Community Centers Check with local community centers or settlement organizations for information on resources for newcomers, like furniture assistance programs.

Thrift Stores and Secondhand Shops When buying used furniture, especially mattresses, ensure they're in good condition and meet safety standards.

Online Classifieds You can find free or inexpensive furniture, including mattresses, on websites such as Kijiji, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace.

Local Buy Nothing Groups Join local "Buy Nothing" or "Giveaway" groups on social media to share and receive items, including mattresses, within your community.

Community Events Watch for community events, fairs, or donation drives that offer free or low-cost items to newcomers.

Refugee Support Organizations  If you are a refugee, some organizations can lend a hand in acquiring essential household items, such as mattresses.

Furniture Banks Some furniture banks in certain areas offer donated furniture to people or families who require it, including those who have recently moved.

Financial Assistance Inquire about financial assistance programs available for newcomers that may help cover the cost of purchasing essential items like mattresses.

Social Services Contact local social services or government agencies that support newcomers, as they may have information on available resources.

Networking  Connect with locals for tips on affordable mattresses. They can share their personal experiences and recommend the best places to find quality yet affordable mattresses.