For many years, businesses in Canada have employed foreign workers. For hiring foreign workers, the Canadian government offers a variety of immigration programs

Before starting the process of hiring foreign workers, it is essential to know all the immigration programs. We will go over four crucial actions to take when hiring foreign workers

Before hiring a temporary foreign worker, determine whether you need an LMIA. In some instances, foreign workers have permission to work without a work permit in Canada

In some cases, employers do not need an LMIA. However, they still need to submit an offer of employment via the employer portal on the IRCC website

Their foreign employees can apply for a work permit based on an LMIA-exempt offer of employment. LMIA exempt work permit is processing time between 2 weeks to 3 months

If you determine you need an LMIA, then you have to apply for LMIA. It will take processing time from 3 months to 6 months

The foreign worker must apply for the most suitable work permit in Canada. The appropriate work permit selection will impact processing time, application success and other factors

Sometimes, employers and employees take help from an immigration lawyer to streamline the process error-free and policy-compliant immigration application is submitted

When your foreign worker starts work in your company in Canada, you should ensure regulatory compliance with the employment of your foreign worker

If employers break any law of employment of foreign workers, then employers may risk the ability to hire foreign workers in the future

Note: To apply for an LMIA, the Employer company needs to prove no Canadian citizen or permanent resident can fill that position