Hey there! This comprehensive web story offers all the essential information for your parents' visitor visa.

Eligibility Check: Make sure that your parents meet the eligibility criteria for a visitor visa to Canada.

Prepare Documents:  Gather necessary documents like passports, invitation letters, proof of ties to the home country, etc. 

Financial documents: Present financial documents to prove that your parents can support themselves during the visit. 

Online Application: Complete the visitor visa application online via the IRCC website and pay the required fees. 

Biometrics (if applicable):  Check if biometrics (fingerprints, photo) are required and provide them at a Visa Application Centre. 

Wait for Processing:  Please wait for the processing of your visa application. Processing times may vary.

Receive Decision: Await notification of the visa decision via email or through your online application account.

Letter of Introduction:  If approved, you'll receive a letter of introduction confirming the visa approval. 

Travel Plan:  Once the visa is obtained, plan the travel details, including booking flights and accommodations for the convocation period.

Arrive in Canada: Make sure your parents have their passports, visa, and any supporting documents upon arrival in Canada.