International students may hear about the "Welcome to Canada" cash benefit. Some believe it's free money, while others think it's a myth

International students do not realize they are filing a tax return even though they are not yet employed in Canada when they apply for the Welcome to Canada program, according to accountants

Newcomers can claim federal and provincial sales-tax credits and the trillium benefit if they file a tax return. The benefits range from $200 to $700 a year

Most international students believe they are merely receiving free money from the government. It's not extra bonus money

Before applying for the Welcome to Canada tax, you should understand the depth or where this money comes from

If you didn't come to Canada previously or have not worked in Canada, how can you file taxes for the previous year?

First, you should know how to be eligible for the previous year's GST/HST credits and the Trillium benefit. It's tough to grasp these benefits as a newcomer

Please be cautious about falling for any scams and be aware of everything you apply for and receive from the Canada Revenue Agency

International students receive quarterly GST/HST credits to help them buy goods if they are modest-income residents

The Canada Revenue Agency does not demand money or issue penalties through phone calls. The only reason for penalties is missing the April 30 deadline

To file your tax, you should contact an accountant or apply yourself. Be careful to select an accountant, and make sure the accountant is genuine