It's 101% possible to start a business in Canada with no money. No doubt exists; all that is required is time and effort

A business career is a great fit for you if you have a strong idea, the perfect combination of skills, passion, and social media knowledge

This story teaches you how to start a business without investment. Seven Steps to Start a Business without money

1. Research: Firstly do deep research on different markets & customers. Customer feedback is the best key to success

2. Find a unique idea Finding a unique idea to start a business means offering a solution to an issue, problem or pain many people suffer

3. Plan in Detail  Make a structure or framework for your business plan. Define your vision and long-term and short-term goals to track your growth

4. Find free tools Find free tools and solutions to solve any problem you may face in business. But you have to spend hours to get it, its costs you a lot of time.

5. Build it Start building your business online or offline. Lots of free options to start a business online or raise funds by pitching your business idea to begin offline

6. Launch it Now the product is ready to launch it. I believe if the product is not perfect, launch it. But keep improving it

7. Grow it If you have an excellent product but poor marketing, no one can stop you from becoming successful. Social Media Marketing is the best option to reach customers

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