Residential Tenancies Act  RTA governs basement apartments in Canada, whether legal or illegal. It sets out the rights and responsibilities in tenancy agreements.

Illegal basement apartments Renters should be aware of safety risks in units that don't follow regulations.

Right to a Written Tenancy Agreement Tenants should receive a written agreement outlining their terms and conditions.

Right to Privacy Tenants have the right to privacy, and landlords must provide proper notice before entering the rental unit, except in emergencies.

Right to Maintenance and Repairs Landlords must maintain rental properties to meet health and safety standards.

Right to Reasonable Rent Increases  The RTA specifies that landlords are allowed to raise rent but must give tenants sufficient advance notice.

Right to Live Free from Harassment and Discrimination Tenants have the right to fair and respectful treatment, free from discrimination based on protected grounds.

Right to Reasonable Quiet Enjoyment Tenants have the right to peaceful enjoyment of their rental unit without interference from landlords.

Right to Request Repairs  As a tenant, you can request essential repairs from your landlord in writing. The landlord is required to respond within a reasonable timeframe.

Right to Security Deposit Rules  It is against the law for landlords in Ontario to require tenants to pay a security deposit.

Right to End the Tenancy  Both tenants and landlords need to follow the rules and procedures when ending a tenancy, and it is important to give proper notice.