Healthcare: Immigrants are eligible for Canada's publicly funded healthcare system, which covers essential medical services. 

Education:  immigrants can access quality education for children and adults, including public schools and universities.

Social Assistance: low-income immigrants may be eligible for social assistance programs to help with basic needs. 

Child Tax Benefits: Families receive financial support to help with the cost of raising children, which allows people to live smoothly. 

Old age security: Immigrants who meet the residency requirements are eligible to receive a pension upon retirement.

Canada Child Benefit:  Financial assistance to support families with the cost of raising children under 18. 

Employment Insurance: Immigrants who have paid into the system can receive temporary income support if they lose their jobs.

Housing support: Some provinces in Canada offer assistance with housing costs to low-income individuals and families.

Language training: Government-funded language programs help immigrants improve their English or French skills.

Settlement services: Newcomers can access services to help with the integration, including employment support and cultural orientation.

Citizenship: After meeting residency requirements, immigrants can apply for Canadian citizenship, which grants them additional rights.