Living expenses in Canada are increasing daily, causing a rise in the number of immigrants leaving the country for various reasons.

It may seem like life in Canada is easy based on what you see on social media, but in reality, you must be prepared to face challenges to achieve your goals.

Finding your dream job in Canada can take anywhere from 1 to 3 years of job searching. It requires patience and perseverance.

Canada experiences extremely cold weather for six to seven months, with temperatures plummeting to as low as -25 to -30 degrees. Summer, on the other hand, is brief.

The cost of gas and groceries in Canada has increased due to inflation. As a result, settling in Canada and paying taxes requires a significant amount of money

The idea that moving to Canada will make you extremely wealthy is a complete myth. However, there are opportunities to grow at a gradual pace.

In Canada, public healthcare is available at no cost but doesn't cover all expenses. You'll have to pay for prescription drugs out of your pocket.

As an immigrant, sponsoring your parents or spouse to come to Canada is possible. However, the application process for immigration can be time-consuming, and not everyone may qualify for it.

Feelings of alienation and loneliness come from being away from home. And it's impossible for some immigrants to board a plane to see their families.

Having previous experience in your hometown may give you an advantage, but it is essential not to expect to obtain the same position immediately.

In Canada, the real estate and rental situation can be costly. Many people work tirelessly to purchase a home but, unfortunately, cannot afford it.