According to an announcement from the IRCC, Canada welcomed the highest number of immigrants from ten specific countries in the year 2022.

It is important to mention that India has the largest number of immigrants, with a total of 118,095.

China had the second-highest number of immigrants from the same continent, with 31,815 individuals.

According to the IRCC list, Afghanistan comes in third place with a total of 23,735 immigrants.

Nigeria ranks fourth among African countries in terms of the number of immigrants, with a total of 22,085 individuals.

The Philippines is placed fifth on the list of countries with the most number of immigrants, with a total of 22,070 individuals.

There were 14,145 immigrants from France, a country located in Europe, who migrated to this place.

Pakistan has secured the eighth position on the list, with a significant number of 11,585 immigrants.

According to reports, the total count of immigrants who have recently moved from Iran to Canada is 11,105.

The Canadian neighbour in the Tenth position is the United States of America, with 10,400 immigrants.

It has been found that a minimum of 8,500 individuals who have immigrated are originally from Syria.