A super visa is a special visa that allows parents or grandparents of Canadian citizens to visit for up to 5 years.

To obtain a Super Visa in Canada, you must have medical insurance coverage from a Canadian insurance company.

The insurance must cover healthcare, hospitalization, and repatriation of $100,000 for at least one year.

To get super visa insurance, you'll need to research and contact insurance companies that offer super visa insurance plans in Canada.

Consider coverage, premiums, deductibles, customer reviews, etc., and contact insurance providers to choose a plan.

Obtain an insurance quote by providing the coverage duration and pre-existing medical conditions.

Now, carefully review the insurance policy, complete the application form accurately, and submit all required documents.

After paying the premium for the selected insurance plan, you will get a confirmation of adequate super visa insurance coverage.

Super visa insurance is required for a super visa to visit Canada and ensures compliance with visa regulations.

Super visa insurance provides coverage for medical emergencies and hospitalization and may cover the cost of medical repatriation.

Customizable super visa insurance may provide round-the-clock emergency assistance, medical referrals, etc.