The International Experience Canada (IEC) program allows young adults from eligible countries to work and travel in Canada.

Eligibility criteria The applicant must meet the nationality criteria and have sufficient funds to stay in Canada.

Three streams Working holiday, young professionals, and international Co-op. Each stream has its own unique requirements and opportunities.

Application process Interested individuals must create an online profile and enter the pool for their desired IEC stream.

Duration The duration of stay depends on the stream and the applicant's nationality and visa category.

Employment opportunities IEC participants can work for various employers across Canada and gain valuable work experience.

Travel privileges While in Canada, participants can explore the country and enjoy its natural beauty, and they can also leave and re-enter Canada during their stay.

Biometrics and Medical exams Some applicants may be required to undergo biometrics and medical examinations as a part of the application process.

Health Insurance IEC participants must have valid health insurance for their stay in Canada. Then, they have access to necessary medical services.

Spousal and Dependent Open Permits  IEC participants' spouses or common-law partners may be eligible for open work permits.

Permanent Residency Pathway Your skills and connections development during your stay in Canada may contribute to your eligibility for PR programs.