Research insurance options International students should research and consider getting health, travel, and tenant insurance.

Health Insurance Requirements International students in Canada must check for health insurance requirements in their province.

University or College Health Plan  Check if your school offers health insurance for international students. It could be included in your tuition fees.

Private Health Insurance  Consider buying private health insurance from trusted companies if your school doesn't provide coverage or you need additional coverage.

Travel insurance Get travel insurance before your school's health coverage starts or travel during breaks to protect yourself from emergencies and trip cancellations.

Government health insurance Check if you qualify for government health insurance based on your province.

Opt-out options Check if your school's health insurance has withdrawal options. If you have comparable coverage, you can withdraw and find your insurance.

Insurance for personal belongings It is recommended to obtain tenant insurance in Canada to safeguard your personal belongings.

Insurance deadlines Be aware of the deadlines for enrolling in health insurance plans, as some institutions may have specific enrollment periods.

Read policy details Read and understand the terms and conditions of your insurance policies. Be aware of coverage limits, exclusions, and the process for making claims.

Seek Advice  Consult your school's international student services or insurance experts for help with insurance questions or concerns.