Canada once had a backlog of applications from international students, but thanks to an IRCC commitment, the government is now handling the issue. 

IRCC said the study permit application is processed in  60 days standard time. In 2022, Canada's target was to give 4,50,000 study permits to foreign students.

In reality, IRCC approved 551,405 study permits only in 2022, which is a 24% increase compared to 2021.

41% of the total study permit went to Indian students. In the second place, china students got 52,165 permits in 2022.

Canada immigration mentioned 2022 year was a "record-breaking year."  Colleges and Institutes said demand was surging after the pandemic.

Canada is continuously attracting more international students through its diversity, quality education and gain work experience opportunities.

International students put significant pressure on three major cities - Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver and growth also notice in other regions.

New Brunswick, Alberta and Nova Scotia also try to attract more international students with different offers.

The international education community is committed to providing quality education and supportive learning experience to make a better future for students.

On the other side, some students are falling into the scam because of the short supply of affordable housing.

Affordable housing was a big issue in 2022; institutes and local summits plan strategies to provide a quality experience to international students.