Minimum Net Worth It is highly recommended to verify the minimum net worth requirement of the program prior to submitting an application.

Business Experience Business experience is required, typically in senior management or business ownership positions.

Investment Amount Review investment thresholds before applying to meet financial commitments. The program may require significant investment in Canada.

Legitimate Source of Funds  Please show proof that your funds are legitimate, and you may need to provide bank statements, tax returns, or legal documents.

Language Proficiency An approved IELTS or CELPIP test to prove language skills in English or French is necessary.

Education Getting a better education can help you stand out and highlight your skills in order to get an investor visa.

Health and Character Assessment  Get a medical check-up from an approved physician and present police clearance or other documents showing good character.

Commitment to Reside  Some programs may require residency in a particular Canadian region or territory.

Application Forms  It is important to accurately fill out application forms, carefully follow any instructions provided, and submit them promptly.

Application Fee  Pay the required application fee, depending on the program and the number of accompanying family members.

Adherence to Program-specific Requirements  Each program has different criteria and conditions. Please check before applying for the investor visa program.