Are you wondering whether Canada is a visa-free destination for your next trip? Check out this web story to learn more.

Regrettably, individuals of all nationalities do not have the luxury of visa-free entry to Canada. This means Canada is not visa-free.

You may need a visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) to visit Canada, depending on your citizenship.

On the other hand, citizens of certain countries are exempt from requiring a visa or eTA for short stays.

A different type of visa or permit is necessary for individuals planning to work or study in Canada.

Before planning a trip to Canada, make sure to check all the latest visa policy updates and requirements.

To check the latest updates or visa requirements, visit the Canadian government's official website, IRCC.

Canadian immigration officers have the final authority to approve or deny entry to travellers at the border.

Some travellers may be eligible for visa exemptions or special programs for specific connecting flights, such as the Transit Without Visa (TWOV) program.

Visa-exempt travelers still need to meet other entry requirements, such as having a valid passport and good health.

It is always important to apply for the correct visa or permit before your travel dates to avoid delays or travel problems.