Government-Funded Programs Newcomers to Canada can access language instruction programs like LINC and ELT.

LINC Program LINC is offered by the federal government as free language training for eligible adult newcomers with English or French classes.

ELT Program  The ELT program provides language training tailored to specific job requirements in the Canadian job market.

Language Assessment  A language assessment test is conducted to place them in suitable language classes.

Part-time and Full-time classes Language instruction programs offer part-time and full-time courses.

Multicultural Centers Search for Multicultural centers that offer language instruction and support services to newcomers.

Online Courses Some language instruction programs provide online courses, allowing learners to study from anywhere at their own pace.

Language Support in Schools:  Newcomer children in Canadian schools receive language support for ESL or FSL.

Workplace Language Training Some employers provide language training to assist employees in enhancing their language abilities.

Conversation Clubs Joining conversation clubs can improve language skills by providing valuable speaking practice and enhancing fluency.

Language Learning Resources  Language apps, websites, and libraries can be useful resources for improving one's language skills.