Wondering what the languages spoken in Canada are? Have a look at this web story to learn about different languages spoken in Canada.

English and French are the two main languages spoken by the citizens of Canada, embracing diversity and inclusion.

In Canada, English stands as the predominant language, spoken by approximately 75% of Canadians.

French: French is the second most common first language, spoken by about 22% of Canadians, particularly in the provinces of Quebec.

Indigenous Languages:  Canada has numerous Indigenous languages, including Cree, Inuktitut, and Ojibwe.

Some common immigrant languages include Punjabi, Spanish, Italian, German, Cantonese, Tagalog, Arabic, and Mandarin.

In Canada, Arabic-speaking communities are found in cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa.

Many Canadians are bilingual, especially in regions like New Brunswick, that's is considered the only officially bilingual province.

In urban areas like Vancouver and Toronto, Mandarin and Cantonese are widely spoken languages.

Punjabi plays a significant role in the cultural and social fabric of Indian communities, particularly in British Columbia and Ontario.

Canada's linguistic diversity reflects its multicultural society, which has a variety of languages spoken by Canadians.