The first reason is the high living costs in some major cities like Toronto and Vancouver. So that's why they are moving out of Canada.

Canada's high tax system is also a reason for some individuals to explore lower-tax jurisdictions. So people want to escape from this extra expenditure.

Another reason is job opportunities; sometimes, Canadians may seek better job prospects or higher salaries in other countries.

Many parts of Canada become cold and frozen in the winter. Thus, People prefer to relocate to warmer climates.

Education is also a reason for parents to migrate from Canada to other countries for their children, either at the school or university level.

Canada offers universal healthcare, but some individuals seek higher quality medical services or shorter wait times.

Adventure and travel are the more responsible reasons for it. Individuals have a desire for new experiences and opportunities to travel.

Some people have personal family and relationship reasons, so they move internationally for family, partners, or children.

Another reason is the political climate; sometimes, people are dissatisfied with the political landscape or government policies.

People may be looking for a better overall quality of life, encompassing factors like work-life balance and safety.

Some Canadians might choose to retire in those countries where they can enjoy lower living costs or more favorable tax treatment for retirees.