MPNP (Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program) EOI manages the selection of candidates for immigration to Manitoba.

An EOI is an expression of interest in an online profile. Anyone interested in applying to the MPNP must submit an EOI.

To submit an EOI, create an account on the MPNP Online portal detailing all factors relevant to immigration.

The EOI ranking system allocates points based on factors like language proficiency, age, work experience, education, adaptability etc .

Based on the information you provided in your profile, you will receive Expression of interest(EOI) Ranking Points.

Languages Proficiency in official languages (English /French) is assessed through standardized tests like IELTS or CELPIP.

A candidate with a certificate, diploma or degree from a recognized educational institution receives more points.

The number of experience points is determined by the years worked, with an additional 100 points awarded for provincial licensing recognition.

The age of the applicant is taken into account at the time when the Expression of Interest (EOI) is submitted.

Adaptability factors such as previous work or study experience, family ties, or a job offer help earn more points.

Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA) is a full application for immigration through the MPNP is given to the highest scoring candidates.