The Canadian government offers grants to assist small businesses in expanding and contributing to the economy.

Government funding programs based in Ontario can offer valuable assistance at every stage of business growth.

You can grow your business by utilizing the following government programs: Business expansion, Research and development, Hiring and training, Money investment

The Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario and the Federal Economic Development Initiative for Northern Ontario provide these programs.

You can find information about business grants and financial assistance programs that align with your business goals on the Government of Canada website.

If you're looking for personalized assistance with your business, the local Small Business Enterprise Center offers excellent resources for one-on-one help.

In Ontario, Digital Main Street provides numerous programs and funding opportunities for businesses.

Regional Innovation Centers provide programs and services to new and growing businesses in innovation, technology, programming, and services.

If you are starting or growing a side business, you get up to a $15,000 finance loan from Futurpreneur.

In Ontario, small businesses have the opportunity to receive free legal guidance from Pro Bono. Take advantage of this resource and ensure your business is on the right path.

If you're looking to launch or expand your small business, consider seeking out training, mentoring, and a grant from Starter Company Plus.