Planning to have a start-up visa in Canada? Read this web story to learn about some reforms in start-up visas.

Reforms to the Start-up Visa Program depict the improvements made in the program's structure to attract entrepreneurial talent from around the world.

Simplified Application Process: Streamlining the application process to make it more straightforward and user-friendly for entrepreneurs.

Broadening the criteria includes a broader range of industries and business models to attract diverse entrepreneurial talent.

Enhancing access to funding through government grants, venture capital networks, and angel investors to support start-up growth.

Introducing flexible work permit options to accommodate the evolving needs of start-up founders and employees.

Promoting regional integration by encouraging start-ups to establish operations outside major urban centers.

Invest in developing vibrant start-up ecosystems by supporting incubators, co-working spaces, and innovation hubs nationwide.

Offering mentorship programs and professional advisors to guide start-ups in the early stages of business formation.

Collaborating with universities and research institutions to support technology transfer opportunities and talent pipelines.

Increasing efforts to promote the Start-up Visa Program internationally to attract top entrepreneurial talent worldwide.