Refugee Protection Canada offers refugee protection through the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA), administered by the IRCC.

Convention Refugees Convention refugees fear persecution in their home country or habitual residence based on race, religion, nationality, political views, or social group affiliation.

Protected Persons in Canada  Refugees who gain protection in Canada are called protected Persons.

Asylum Seekers Asylum seekers arrive in Canada and claim refugee protection at a port of entry or from within Canada at an immigration office.

Refugee Claim Process  To claim refugee status, interviews, document verification, and hearings before the IRB are necessary to determine eligibility for protection.

Government-Assisted Refugees (GARs) Canada provides aid to refugees through its Government-Assisted Refugee Program, providing financial and settlement assistance.

Privately Sponsored Refugees  Canadians can privately sponsor refugees and provide financial and settlement support for their first year in Canada.

Resettlement and Integration Canada supports refugees with housing, language training, education, and employment to ensure successful resettlement and integration.

Refugee Recognition and Citizenship Refugees in Canada can apply for permanent residency and, if they meet the requirements, can eventually apply for citizenship.

Global Refugee Crisis Canada helps with the refugee crisis globally by supporting refugee resettlement and providing humanitarian aid.

Stay informed on refugee matters by checking official Canadian government websites for current information, as policies and processes can change.