High Demand Many international students are searching for rental accommodations, which can result in a consistent demand for rental properties.

Student Housing Many students from overseas favour living off-campus as it allows them to have greater freedom and privacy, unlike living in on-campus dorms.

Location  International students find properties near educational institutions appealing because of their convenience and proximity to classes.

Furnished or Unfurnished  Consider offering furnished rental options, as they may be more appealing to international students with little furniture.

Lease Terms  8-12 month lease agreements are great for academic semesters and international students.

Roommates International students may opt for shared accommodations as it can help cut expenses while promoting a sense of community.

Safety and Security Highlight property safety features, such as locks, alarms, and lighting, to ease security concerns for international students.

Utilities and Amenities  Know what utilities and amenities are included in the rent to avoid confusion and unexpected costs.

Documentation Ask for the student's required documents to confirm their rental eligibility, like a valid study permit or acceptance letter.

Guarantors or Co-signers  International students may need a co-signer to fulfill rental obligations with limited credit history.

Cultural Sensitivity Understanding international students' needs is crucial for a successful rental experience.