Employer Eligibility Any employer who has a Canadian organization that is legally registered and in good standing can apply.

Job Advertisement Before hiring a foreign worker, employers must advertise the job opening for at least four weeks through approved channels to show they tried to hire a Canadian or PR candidate.

Genuine Need Employers must demonstrate a legal necessity for hiring foreign workers because of labour shortages or skill gaps that cannot be filled locally.

Labor Market Impact When employing foreign workers, it is required for employers to demonstrate that they will not have a negative impact on the Canadian labor market.

Recruitment Efforts Employers must document local recruitment efforts, including job postings and interviews. Why is he not hiring Canadian citizens and permanent residents?

Wage Requirement Employers must pay foreign workers fairly, meeting or exceeding Canadian wage rates for their occupation and location.

Employment Contract  It is important for a contract to include specific information such as job responsibilities, working hours, compensation, and employee benefits.

Transition Plan Employers should have a plan to hire a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to replace the foreign worker for temporary jobs.

LMIA Application Fee As per the regulations, employers are required to submit a processing fee for their LMIA applications.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations Employers must follow all rules and possible laws to hire foreign workers.

Supporting Documentation Employers must provide all necessary documents for the application. The government may request additional documentation.