Pre-arrival information and planning Settlement services help newcomers plan and prepare for the Canadian immigration process and ensure a smooth settlement.

Needs assessment and personalized settlement plans Settlement service providers create personalized plans for newcomers based on their needs, to ensure a seamless integration process.

Case management and individualized support  Newcomers receive ongoing support from a settlement worker or case manager and can access specialized services if needed.

Information and referral services Settlement service providers help newcomers with vital information on immigration, healthcare, education, housing, employment, and community resources.

Language training and interpretation services  Language and interpretation services are available for those who need them.

Employment support and career counselling Settlement services can help with job hunting, career counselling, resume writing, and connecting with potential employers.

Cultural orientation and cross-cultural training Settlement services provide cultural training to help newcomers adjust to Canadian customs, values, and workplace practices.

Youth and family support  Settlement services help new youth and families with school, after-school programs, mentoring, parenting workshops, and community resources.

Mental health and well-being support Settlement organizations prioritize newcomers' mental health and well-being by offering counseling, workshops, and expert support.

Community engagement and volunteer opportunities Volunteering with settlement services helps newcomers with work experience, social connections, and community involvement.

Post-settlement support and follow-up  Newcomers can get post-settlement support, like check-ins, updated info, and referrals, for long-term success and integration.