Looking for an emergency visa from Canada to India? Explore this informative web story to discover the necessary steps to obtain one.

Emergency visas will only be granted in genuine urgent situations, including but not limited to medical emergencies or situations.

Firstly, visit the official website for Indian visa application processing in Canada, managed by the Indian embassy.

When filling out the online visa application form, select the 'Emergency Visa,' 'Urgent Visa,' or 'Medical Visa' categories.

Remember, filling out the application form accurately is crucial. Complete the online visa application form with precise details.

Gather all necessary documents, including passport, Canadian residence proof, proof of emergency, and travel itinerary.

Make sure to attend the embassy or consulate on your scheduled appointment date to smoothly submit your application and biometrics.

You can explain your emergency to the consular officer. So it's easy for the consular office to make the decision on your file.

Please ensure to pay the visa application fee. Note that fees for emergency visas may differ from fees for standard visas.

With the reference number, you can track the visa application status online at the time of submission.

Once the visa stamp is done on your passport, you can start your travel plan to India within the granted validity period.