Before applying for  a student loan in Canada, it is important to do  your research.

Multiple ways available to get a student loan

Federal Student  Loans Only Canadian citizens and  refugees international  students are  eligible for federal student loans

Secured Loan International  student requires an asset like a car or  rare antique to get a secured loan

Private Student Loans Take a loan from a private lender if you have a cosigner who will take responsibility for loan repayment

Government loan  from back home If you are a united states student studying in Canada, you are eligible for  US federal student aid programs

Interest Interest is a percentage-based loan charged to the borrower by the lender. Please check the interest rate before applying it

Repayment Repayment will be different, and it's based on your loan type. For federal student loans, students will start repayment after six months of  graduation

Scholarship Financial help is  given to  international  students on academic or extracurricular achievement by institutions, organizations or government

Bursaries Bursaries are  financial help universities or colleges give international  students after assessing their income or family income

More options The student should contact their universities or colleges for  financial advice and resources for international  students