Relationship  Any parents and grandparents can apply whose son or daughter is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

Invitation Letter The sponsor should provide a written invitation letter and declare financial support and care during the applicant's stay in Canada.

Financial Support  Minimum income required as of 2023: – For one Person: $27,514 – For two people: $34,254 – For Three people person: $42,100

Financial Support: – Notice of Assessment (NOA) or T4/T1 for the most recent tax year. – Employment letter, including salary, job title, and job description. – Pay stubs. – Bank statements.

Medical Insurance The applicant must have medical insurance coverage for at least one year.

Medical Examination The applicant must undergo a medical examination by an IRCC-approved physician.

Travel Document Applicants must have valid travel documents, such as a passport, during their stay.

Purpose of Visit The applicants should give a reason for visiting Canada temporarily as a visitor.

Ties to Home Country Applicants must provide proof of ties to their home country and ensure they will return after their visit.

Criminal Record Applicants should not have criminal records and should provide a police clearance certificate from their country.

Temporary Intent Applicants must clearly state they will not stay in the country after their authorized stay.