International students studying in Canada are generally eligible for various tax benefits, credits, and deductions.

An international student must be a resident of Canada for tax purposes to be eligible for most tax benefits.

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Residency is determined based on duration of stay, ties to Canada and residential relations in their home country.


International students residing in Canada for more than 183 days a year are eligible for the GST/HST credit.

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Students can claim a tax credit for tuition fees paid to designated educational institutions for courses lasting 3 weeks or more.

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Medical expenses like prescription drugs, dental visits, and other medical services may be eligible for tax credits.


Students from countries that have tax treaties with Canada may be eligible for specific exemptions or benefits.

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All Canadian residents, including international students, are entitled to a tax-free basic personal amount.


It's important to note that international students may be required to submit a Canadian income tax return, even if they have no income.

The deadline to file a tax return is April 30th of the following year. You must pay by April 30th to avoid penalties.